KTI Limited is an innovative industry leader specializing in the distribution of high quality & energy efficient products. We represent top product manufacturers in the energy industry.

"The tragic wildfire in the Fort McMurray community has left a deep impression on us. The consequences of this event, and its impact on the homes and businesses in the community, continue to be felt in the hearts of all Canadians."

In response, KTi LIMITED has made a donation of $5000 to the Recovery work being made by the red cross in fort McMurry.

Our Vision

Different companies have different requirements. That's why KTI offers flexible solutions through a variety of value-added service programs. We go beyond the cookie-cutter mindset by offering customized solutions that provide our customers with convenience and value.

  • E-Commerce
  • Strong Customer Service
  • Expert Technical Support
  • One Stop Procurement
  • Customized Product Bundling
  • Consolidated Shipments
  • Just-In-Time Delivery
  • Accurate Billing System
  • On-Site Training

Leading Edge Technologies

KTI is committed to introduce new and innovative technologies that will make you more profitable. We've aligned ourselves with the industry's most technologically advanced manufacturers to make tomorrow's products available today.

All of these technologies, in addition to our full line of high-quality products, are capable of radically changing your required infrastructure, and greatly reducing your operating (O&M) expenditures.


today is even better!!!




Sensus Auto-Adjust Meters Stop a $47,000 Overcharge

A large gas utility installs a Sensus Auto-Adjust Turbo (AAT) meter for a commercial customer and discovers an unanticipated pile of leaves and other debris in the pipeline. But the AAT was designed for the unexpected. It alerted the utility of the issue and then set about correcting it. In the end, the meter saved the customer from a $47,000 overcharge and protected the utility's reputation for accurate billing.